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12 bridesmaid outfit ideas | The Understated

12 bridesmaid outfit ideas

Weddings in India have always been a regal affair, and being a good bridesmaid is a duty of great responsibility. Yes, you are excited to enjoy every bit and dress-up yourself, but you are also under the anticipation of helping the bride in her planning, execution, and shopping to make it the wedding of her dream.

Considering all this you will barely have time to plan your stuff. Getting this quick and easy for you, just make a note; the core of wisely deciding your wedding ensemble is planning. Plan your complete look well in advance for each function. This will also curtail a great deal of your time donning outfits during the celebrations, making you available for help with your duties without missing on the bash.

Smart dressing is the need of the hour, and one can be able to put together different looks for each event. Just allow what you dress to capture the essence of royalty, yet make you feel comfortable. Check out these gamut of options to pick and choose for every occasion.

#1 – The Nawabi Kali

Long Anarkali dresses that transcend time, in a signature palette that take us to the nawabi era, are here to be.
Bridesmaid Outfit 01

#2 – All Velvety & Floral

Vintage charm in a modern makeover is sure to evoke oomph & glamour to your feminine self.

#3 – The Peplum Sharara

Proficient choice of refined taste & excellence, sure to stand out on these occasions galore.

#4 – Handloom BAE

Lehengas & Saris are timeless. A classic Banarasi, Patola or Kanjeevaram sari with an uber glam blouse, accentuates all body types, making it look more vivacious and graceful.

#5 – Ruffles & Tiers

Ruffles & Tiers fused along with Indian silhouettes and contemporary outfits make every look trendy and versatile. The beauty of this trend lies in its finesse, technique & imagination, all of which come together to create one multi-layer fantasy.

#6 – It’s Sheer Elegance

It’s time to be sensual with romantic & flirty attires. Sheer & soft textiles embellished with a sparkling touch, adding an illustrious fancy to the entire look.

#7 – An Unconventional Pop

Uplift the style quotient with completely no fuss and simple, yet high on fashion outfits. Creating a perfect art of balance with quirks and experimentation. Add some pop colour or some classic prints to break the mundane atmosphere with the uniqueness of your presence.

#8 – Play the Palazzo

Charge up the activities in this comfortable yet stylish fit-outs, and showcase a perfect amalgamation of old-world romance, along with new age charm creations, accented with splendour.

#9 – All-overs

Captivate the world with some enticing prints or embroidered detailing spread all over. With the elegance of muted tones or expressing with perky colours.

#10 – Long, really long sleeves

Be a contemporary muse with a high on style quotient caped sleeves that touch the ground, enough to draw everyone’s attention.

#11 – Bet on Belt

Power dressing with a feminine spice that blends in effortlessly. Just add a bling belt or a corset depending on how bold you want to go. The belt will not only add grace to the entire look but also give you a chance to hold your attire in place giving you freedom of movement.

#12 – Long Jacket

Sometimes just adding a jacket can give a significant new shift to your entire outfit. Embroidered jackets can be teamed with a skirt, over a sari, a versatile modern Anarkali or any combination you can best think of. This versatile and sophisticated floor-length jacket/cape surely won’t let you down.

Image Credits: https://instagram.com | https://pinterest.com

PS: We have mentioned all due credits to sources from which we have sourced the images. But we still would like to heartily thank all the fashion designers, fashionistas and fashion bloggers as it is for them that we could collect such references and compile it for our readers to understand with ease.


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