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Jul 24th 2024 | The Understated

September 2017

PomePine Juice

Ingredients: Pomegranate, Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon. Take pomegranate seeds in a blender jar adding required water, pulse it for a couple of times (until the outer layer of seeds break). Please don’t blend, just pulse (start & stop quickly), as if the seeds break completely the juice will turn bitter. Strain and keep aside. Again add in the blender pineapple, little ginger & lemon juice as per your taste preferences. Blend

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9 Days 9 Ways

Navratri means 9 days of playful festivity for one and all. We see tasteful display of trends; be it music, dance or fashion. And as much as we long to be a part of it, deciding what to wear for all 9 days becomes really difficult. A lot has changed over years, trends come and go playing around the traditional roots of handicrafts & handlooms (Gujarati embroidery, kalamkari prints, bandhani,

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Happy Feet :)

Personal hygiene is very important and thinking of all the challenges your feet face in monsoons and otherwise, it is quite essential to take special care to protect them from infections; keeping them clean & happy. For those spa/parlour frequenters, regular pedicures is an easy answer (make sure that the instruments used are properly sterilized and clean). But for those who do not have time to visit a spa/parlour or

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Leftover Wonders (Part-1)

Quite a few times you have a stack of leftover chapatis and wonder how you can make these chapatis more interesting for your next meal. Here are some quick and delightful recipe ideas, easy-to-make and pleasing to the palate. Healthy and power-packed but we recommend to please serve/eat hot so you enjoy the crunchy bites to the fullest. Recipe Credits: Food Kitty