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A Conscious Cut | The Understated

A Conscious Cut

With every passing Fashion Week, the desire to come in terms with sustainable fashion has grown stronger and stronger. It took days and months for us to finally realize that the understated love for fashion can only find its real expression when it’s genuinely true. True to the passion of the creator, the creation & the existence. The discomfort of not being able to come up with a blog for so long was masked by being unable to let go of the fact to be true to oneself and our readers. With this urge to share the transformation we are going through within, let us take this first step ahead together and make this positive and beautiful transformation noticeable.

Driving with an idea of ‘How would a country be whose economy & ecology walk hand-in-hand?’ We are sure no one can hold such a country from prospering. Right? So why not be it our own country.

Textiles have always been the heart of India. It has always played an indispensable role in our country’s growth, both in terms of – economy as well as ecology. At the same time, it’s a well-known fact by now that the garment industry is the third biggest polluter. Also, the use of enormous gallons of water that’s wasted while producing these clothing, which in turn, depriving lives of the basic right: water, just to survive. Now, isn’t that too pricy?

All of us by now know how chemical-free organic ‘sativk’ food benefits human health, as well as our environment. In the same way, a little less congestion, a little less pollution goes a big way for the planet we live on. The experts have been showing their concern since quite some time now, the leaders and big brands in the business have also recognized the importance. Yes, the ecological clothing is not as pocket-friendly, well… maybe… but it is always ‘ quality over quantity,’ isn’t it?

We are sure it’s the customers turn now. It’s we who have to make sensible choices, so as to bring a change in the demand cycle. In turn, helping the production & supply ratios of eco-friendly clothing to rise and be thankful to one’s own self. Yes, you heard me right? Self.

The basic rule of karma applies everywhere, and fashion doesn’t stand an exception to this. Have you ever thought about the harmful effects and complications these fast fancy clothing cause to your well-being?

Having said this all, let us admit – ‘ Yes! We are not perfect’. We are not some perfectionist when it comes to anything and our entire wardrobe is not organic or even ‘sustainable.’ We are a work-in-progress and so is our wardrobe as we gradually upcycle/recycle/donate older pieces and bring in new ones that fit with our plan for a ‘transformed wardrobe.’

P.S.: Also, we are no experts in organic clothing and their implications on the earth and our health. This also isn’t going to be a heavily researched piece because there is plenty of it available on the Internet. It’s simply us sharing something we believe and why. (And giving you a chance to get in on it too!)

We are in plans to come with sequels on this topic. So please do drop a comment and/or suggestion on this one. Every comment matters.



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