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C3 - Coco Citric Cooler | The Understated

C3 – Coco Citric Cooler

Ingredients: Orange & Coconut

Hydration is one of the most common concerns in summer. Remaining hydrated all day long is the key to optimal bodily function. Being well hydrated ensures that you are energized and active throughout the day.

Coconut water is undoubtedly the best hydrating drink (after water) and Orange, one of the healthiest beverages as it offers a wide range of health benefits. Try combining both these superpowers for an ultra-refreshing drink.

Squeeze out orange juice. Make sure you strain and remove the seeds and bits. Add this orange extract and coconut water to a blender, blend till smooth and serve immediately. You may add tender coconut flesh, honey or lemon if required.

PS: Check and make sure that the oranges you use are sweet. Also taste coconut water before mixing it together.

Recipe Credits: Food Kitty

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