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Happy Feet :) | The Understated

Happy Feet :)

Personal hygiene is very important and thinking of all the challenges your feet face in monsoons and otherwise, it is quite essential to take special care to protect them from infections; keeping them clean & happy. For those spa/parlour frequenters, regular pedicures is an easy answer (make sure that the instruments used are properly sterilized and clean). But for those who do not have time to visit a spa/parlour or are not the one who frequent such places, we have this simple 5 step ritual, which is best if followed weekly.

5 Step Rituals- Happy Feet- The Understated

Image Credits- http://www.footfiles.com/ | http://www.greenify-me.com/ | http://yawmek.com/ | http://www.beautyepic.com/ | http://www.vitalhirek.hu/

Step 1 –
Trim your toe nails regularly as they are the easiest place for dirt accumulations.

Step 2 –
Soak your feet in warm water, it not only cleanses your feet but also is very relaxing. You can use plain warm water or add some essential oils or medicated soaps as per you preference.

Step 3 –
Scrub off the dead skin, clean the nails and remove the dirt formed inside and around nails. Soaked feet makes it easy to clean and remove the rigid dirt and dead skin. Use a pumice stone for the tougher areas of the heel and scrub in a circular motion and a bristle brush to swipe dirt off those tricky areas (i.e.: the space between skin and nail). A regular habit of good scrubbing is the best way to prevent foot problems like cracked heels and lifeless tired feet.

Step 4 –
Wash well and dry them with a clean towel.

Step 5 –
Follow this with an application of a moisturiser.

You may also occasionally treat your feet with some oil massages or a foot mask. Buy one commercially or prepare your own massage oil / a DIY foot mask with easily available ingredients .

You are on your feet the entire day, everyday. No we are not asking you to be foot fetish, but at least give it the well needed and deserved, care and pampering. Do follow the above tips, to keep your feet clean, gorgeous and free from infections. We wish you all Happy Feet!

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