Hello Sunshine!

Summer is here, and things couldn’t have gotten ‘hotter’.

It’s time to prep up your wardrobe and get all set to welcome the summer.
It’s time to be mindful, yet experimental about the fabrics we choose: sustainable natural fabrics (like organic cotton, khadi, linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, etc.) are not only more breathable and soothe your skin, but are recyclable too.
It’s time to have fun even with the must-have classic whites and add some colourful vibes: instill playfulness while creating smart yet sensible ensembles.

With summer comes heat, humidity & tan. While beaches & pool parties seem places to flaunt your tan, on a daily basis the correct option would be donning your feminine best without showing too much skin. Covered skin means minimal skin damage and lesser tanning. Wearing natural fabric in a comfy yet well-tailored fit is the smart thing to do.

The Palette Parade

Talking about summer, means there can never be enough of ‘mangoes’! Why have any lack of colour either? Warm tones like yellows, orange, reds and mustard have always been ruling the summer chart. Pairing with olives, indigo and lighter pastel hues and wearing light & bright colour that reflect light, keeps you cool.

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Rejuvenate with Prints

So now if you are wondering which prints are going to spell their charm, the list is quite basic yet versatile; tropical & floral prints, stripes, gingham and polkas. Yes! all the cards you have are just the ones you need. Key is just to play it right.

And if you are planning to own a new piece, there are umpteen choices available around, we bet you will have no reason to repent these timeless investments.

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Set the Closet

Thinking of summer, the kind of clothing that comes to our mind are the loose & easy breezy ones. For long we have been relying on our maxi dresses, skirts, summer shorts as our summer rescue. It’s time to let in some air of freshness as we evolve our summer fit outs into High slits flared-out pants, Palazzo, Wide ankle track pants, Culottes, Mid length skirts, Wrap-around dresses, Jumpsuits, Button down long-line tops, Oversized sleeve tops, Crop tops, Quirky print, just to name a few.

Create some ultra-chic eye-catching looks by tucking in a tee or a shirt with the variety of bottom options available OR pair those tees with your summer shorts and layer it with a long-line button down OR a cropped top with wide bottoms and so on. Now aren’t these options easy and on-the-go?

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Little Wonders

As they say ‘a little goes a long way’, minimal accessories that are high on the fun & fashion mark, make looking cool a lot more comfortable. A hula hoop kind of earring, scarfs, bags, shoes & sunnies are all the things that you will need this season.

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We hope this blog helps you toe that line between staying cool and looking cool, in these scorching hot days and all the ones yet to come.

Some known yet essential summer tips: A cool shower after excess sweating helps the skin unblock and decreases acne breakouts. Cover your hair when outdoor protecting it from the harsh sunlight, sweat & dust and preventing it from breakouts and dryness. Drink adequate water and stay well hydrated. Have your servings of fresh fruits and veggies. And always remember, it is prime to take care of your body first.

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