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The Black Blinkers

2018 is all about colourful eye makeup and redefining the eye makeup confines; be it using an eyeliner, a kaajal, an eye-shadow or even a mascara. Even with this wave of evolution, we still see the love for black not going anywhere and it is here to stay forever. Now since we aren’t going to leave that classical black; let’s learn some difference between the most basic ways to wear

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The Cool Sunnies

Sunglasses with coloured lenses are fun, chic and very functional. Surely we seem to love to shade our eyes with an array of coloured sunglass lenses, but tinted lenses are more than just a fashion accessory – they can have a huge impact on your performance as a lover of the beauty of outdoors. Tinted lenses help reduce glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception, along with shielding your eyes

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