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The Black Blinkers

2018 is all about colourful eye makeup and redefining the eye makeup confines; be it using an eyeliner, a kaajal, an eye-shadow or even a mascara. Even with this wave of evolution, we still see the love for black not going anywhere and it is here to stay forever. Now since we aren’t going to leave that classical black; let’s learn some difference between the most basic ways to wear

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Shirting the Skirt

As much as we all enjoyed watching the award-winning performance of Neha Dhupia in her most recent hit Tumhari Sulu, what we could simply not get off our minds was: how effortlessly she carried her Lady Boss character and those outfits. Of all the outfits she sported, midi skirts with the shirt were one of our top choices. Though not a very new concept, we couldn’t get our eyes off

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Trend Alert !!! Dress over Jeans

Yes you read it right! No it isn’t a laid back style… and definitely works for more than the conservative few. Be it on or off the ramp, we have seen this trend travel around the globe This trend of wearing a maxi over a pair of jeans, making more use of your summer dress and creating a totally street cool look, has evolved for the better, over the time.

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