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Trending the Tradition | The Understated

Trending the Tradition

No matter how good is the tradition, with times it needs to just be reinvented with a touch of modernism to keep it alive. A Saree, being one such creation, possesses a beautiful 9 yard of elegance which has never stopped attracting the designers and fashionistas, ever since it was discovered. Over the millennia, it has not only become a sensuous and glamorous wear, but also the ‘canvas’ for weavers and printers to create artistic weaves & prints and some intricate embellishes.

With all said and done, this masterpiece of creation has all its grace in more of how it is draped and carried-off. Understanding this complex love relation we bring to you some curated styles you could flaunt this festive season.

Style 1 – The Witty Waist

With a look quite bold and unconventional like a Corset belt on a Saree, standing out of the clutter is not difficult any more. Pair it with a sexy blouse or fuse it with a turtle neck tee for some fun.

Style 1- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com | https://www.lakmefashionweek.com

Style 2 – The Girl Boss

Layering being in vogue this season, one really needs no reason to try out this dapper look. A change for those routine Saree style, just by paring it with capes, jackets or coats. Wear it like a boss and rule the festivities with utmost grace and elegance.

Style 2- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

Photo Credits: https://www.lakmefashionweek.com

Style 3 – The Sans Stereotype

When no regular Draping entices you, all you long is for the Badass look as seen on ramps. This Chic-over look of a regular saree will definitely lift up your festive mood into it’s true spirits. Play along the 6 to 9 yard drape or cut short for lighter & manageable version. Pull it off along a jeans, palazzo or a trouser & team it up with blazers, shirts or crop tops to add that charm. Re-invent your playful self, for the gen-next is the one that’s happy to stick a pair of jeans even under their saree, unafraid and on-the-go.

Style 3- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

Photo Credits: https://www.lakmefashionweek.com | http://www.news18.com | http://www.payalkhandwala.in

Style 4 – The NO Handbags Way

‘Fanny pack’ or as we slang it as ‘bum bag’ is a small pouch worn around the waist allowing you to carry bare essentials and keeping you hands free. Adorning this embellished chick bag around your belly on a Saree allows you to flaunt those curves while comfo short rting you with freedom for any work on hand.

Style 4- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

Photo Credits: http://designersoutfits.com | https://www.lakmefashionweek.com

Style 5 – The Game Changer

Bardot, Cold-shoulder, dramatic sleeves, plunge to turtle necklines, metallic or embellish, fringes or tassels, its variants are just limitless. A well tailored enviable blouse just sets the mood right if paired well with the timeless beauty in classic or creative drapes.

Style 5- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

Photo Credits: https://www.lakmefashionweek.com


If you are in a no Saree mood, never mind; we have something for you too.

Fuse it Right!

Life Wise- Trending the Tradition- The Understated

PS: We have mentioned all due credits to sources from which we have sourced the images. But we still would like to heartily thank all the fashion designers, fashionistas and fashion bloggers as it is for them that we could collect such references and compile it for our readers to understand with ease.

Special thanks to revolutionary designers like Masaba Gupta for her Corset Saree love & Payal Khandwala for “The Little Sari”.


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