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Trips, Dips & Hair Tips | The Understated

Trips, Dips & Hair Tips

In India, we live more in a humid climate and drenched with water, we tend to create more quench for water… I don’t want to sound silly, but most of us plan for water trips like beaches and aqua parks during summers & dance in for waterfalls in the monsoons, winters we drive to the tranquil waters down south or snow blanketed mountains up north. With a few exceptions, our year-long trip and weekend plans run around rejuvenating our senses with some dips, splashes & dives. Apart from teaming and planning, one major concern during such outings is its result on our hair and skin, and post vacay look with the after effects.

So I am sharing my first-hand experience after a stunning, new & a long-awaited hair colour and an aqua pool trip planned just within a month or so. Hair care was my major concern. Hence, to make our trip as chill as it must be, along with a few serious internet searches, I texted up some of my trusted hairstylists & experts to unravel their best-kept secrets on how to protect colour-treated hair. I have tried it a couple of times in a water park, at a beach, and in a swimming pool; it worked absolutely fine for me. So here I am sharing my tried & concluded tricks with some pre & post care that can save your hair from a hell lot of torture.


You are ready to just dive in and enjoy your much-deserved vacay. (PS: If you are in a chlorine water for long hours, try rinsing with fresh water at regular intervals. A bottle of purified water works just fine.)


I am no swimmer or a pool frequenter, but I guess this could be of some help to swim addicts too :P. I have tried and put in words my personal experience that suits me and my hair type, considering a constant struggle every girl faces even during holidays & outings. Hope this works equally well for you all lovelies out there.

Don’t forget to enjoy a worry-free vacation and come back with only good memories etched in your heart to live with.


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