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Wardrobe Mash-up | The Understated

Wardrobe Mash-up

A thumb rule of fashion says to invest in quality basics and always have them on place. The basic essentials in your closet are the ones you will forever repeat, and yet they’ll never lose their appeal. The white tee, that button-down shirt, those blue jeans you trust; these pieces are eternal. Not only because they are perfect to wear all time, all day, but also because they give you endless styling possibilities within your own closet.

The options are just as many as one can think of. It’s time to let your horses run wild as you peep into these versions of your classic white button-down shirt. And we assure you, you will definitely try your hand on many such options hereafter.

The Classic White Shirt

Check out some surprisingly simple & super-chic ways to wear your classic white button-down shirt.

































LifeWise- Wardrobe Mash-up- The Understated

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