5 Summery Hairdos

Tying up your hair is one of the best feelings, and serves as an escape from the summer heat arrest. Saying that and mulling the exquisiteness and simplicity of a bun, we are still excited to share some of these uber-cool everyday style trends, with a desire to see more of these on the streets. It’s time to update with these hottest & latest hairdos that are in vogue.

1. Sundry Braids

Braids of all kinds have made a comeback on the fashion chart, so try your hand and perfect your skills to weave one. From the peekaboo braid to the ultra-refined braids bun OR micro braids to tiny multiple braids tied into a ponytail OR dutch braid to fishtail braid and so on.

2. Top knot bun with bangs

Some fun with the bun. Tie a top knot bun with a loose section styled to the front, as if faking a cool chic bang. Or just a half done side swept top knot, with curly long side swept bangs.

3. High Retro Ponytails

A neat sleek front and volume in the back, try this super versatile high ponytail. It scores a brownie point especially in summer, as its a rescue from any bad hair day. The higher, the better, as it is a fierce, yet practical way to keep our hair out of our faces.

4. Honeycomb Pigtails

Spice up the air with your stance, try this relatively easy and fun hairstyle for your next hurl. Cute & sassy nested little pigtails accessorised and sequenced as if replicating a honeycomb on the crown until the nape, followed by a ponytail or just going your hair open.

5. High Updos

High buns in many different ways, an up-done single or even a pair on either side, by just pulling off your hair high enough in a knot, bang on messy, a half tied bun or even a twisted/braided one. Upgrade to some modish ways to style your bun that is everything but ordinary.

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