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Café Review: Chaayos | The Understated

Café Review: Chaayos

On the Friendship’s Day evening, my sister & me planned to explore some food joint at the R-Galleria, between Mulund & Nahur, which is one of the best buzzing areas in the central Mumbai. We decided to try Chaayos, a small cafe having multiple outlets throughout Mumbai and is quite famous for it’s quick bites. A decent place, but what we liked the most was the concept of getting a desi street food to a cafe where we can spend some time with friends or cousins.

Café Review: Chaayos

ambience – 3/5

A Decor with some eye catchy wall graphics & photo frames, playful little elements like fancy teapot shaped lights fixtures and some handcrafted paper hangings, sums it all. While we were ok with the chair seating, but the sofa was not quite comfortable and is not recommended if you are planning to spend long hours.

Café Review: Chaayos - Ambience

service – 4/5

A self-service counter to order and receive with a reasonably less waiting time. Some speciality dishes are plated in the earthen pots and glasses, better known as ‘kulhad’.

food – 4/5

We ordered Samosa Matar Chaat & Kulhad Pav Bhaji along with Kulhad Chai, Chocolate Shake & Aam Panna Iced Tea.

samosa matar chaat

Nice crunchy samosa with hot matar gravy, well mixed with tangy tamarind chutney along with pudina chutney topped with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and sprinkles of fresh coriander describe this dish perfectly. A perfect chatpata chaat, little tangy and a little spicy.

Café Review: Chaayos - Food 1

kulhad pav bhaji

This dish is well divided for two. Hot bhaji is served in 2 kulhads along with freshly baked spongy 4 pieces of bread. Extra onion and lemon are provided for the sake of individual taste preference. The taste is very unlike normal mumbaiya pav bhaji, it’s a healthier version of the mumbaiya bhaji in taste and making, with some freshly made masala giving you that tingling feeling in your mouth.

Café Review: Chaayos - Food - 2

kulhad chai

This tea seems to be very expensive in the beginning but then the quantity is enough to serve 4 cutting chais. So plan smartly and enjoy this fresh masaledaar chai, more enjoyable when hot with it’s beautiful aroma of ginger and elaichi.

aam panna iced tea

The normal lemonade with a twist of kachha aam describes this drink well. A beverage that’s cool and sour enough to relive you from all the masaledaar khana consumed earlier and naughty enough to make you wink.

chocolate shake

A perfect soothing chocolate shake that is neither too bitter nor too sweet, so that everyone can relish the taste of this perfect drink. It’s quite thick in consistency, to ensure you enjoy it slowly, with every sip till the end.

Café Review: Chaayos - Food 3

Café Review: Chaayos - Food 4

Will I visit there again? For Quick Bites… YES!

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