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Let the Eyes Talk (Part-1) | The Understated

Let the Eyes Talk (Part-1)

As the beauty and fashion industry gets more unorthodox, we find some real crazy doable makeup trends this season. Make alive the artist in you, treat your face as the canvas and create the best masterpiece.

Some simple, some bold. Here are a few eye makeup inspirations that are drool-worthy and definitely worth a try.

1. Lift the bottoms-up

Yes! you have been playing with the upper lids for ages now. Give it a break and try painting your lower eye lid instead. Draw some heavy kohl lining on the lower lid of your eyes or some bold coloured shimmer that will instantly give you a standout modish look.

Lift the Bottoms Up- Let the Eyes Talk- The Understated

2. The inner beauty

Are you in a rush and need to uplift your dull face? This hack is a quick rescue, just highlight with white, nude or some little shine (as per your skin tone) on the inner corners of your eyes and your face is instantly more fresh and awake.

The Inner Beauty- Let the Eyes Talk- The Understated

3. Heavy metals

If you think this one is only got those hard rock party girls, you better think again.
Tough banging on with those heavy metallic eyes seems quite a master task, but it’s actually as simple as you paste a sticker.

Get all your makeup done, your face, brows, lashes everything, then just paste those eye lace holographic stickers, if you can get one from stores, else just cut your most festive holographic paper in a bold winged eyeliner use a eyelash glue and paste it. That’s it!

Heavy Metals- Let the Eyes Talk- The Understated

4. Bat those lashes

We all know by now how a mascara can add those doses of drama to your eyes. Make things even more dramatic by adding some colours to those lashes.
For some casual fun outings, just give a break to those kajal & eyeliner rituals and add some playful colour dose to those lashes.

Bat those Lashes- Let the Eyes Talk- The Understated

5. Colour popped lines

For decades now we have been using that black liner in liquid, gel and pencil, in thick, thin and winged. Time now to break all stereotype trends and upgrade your eyeliner palette with some fresh colours. Pop them on top of your eye or on bottom, or even as a kajal, these colours are here to be.

Colour Popped Lines- Let the Eyes Talk- The Understated


LifeWise- Let the eyes talk- The Understated

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