The Black Blinkers

2018 is all about colourful eye makeup and redefining the eye makeup confines; be it using an eyeliner, a kaajal, an eye-shadow or even a mascara. Even with this wave of evolution, we still see the love for black not going anywhere and it is here to stay forever. Now since we aren’t going to leave that classical black; let’s learn some difference between the most basic ways to wear an eyeliner: the winged, the cat-eye, the kitten eye, thumbprint eyeliner and so on.

Before we start just keep it in mind to follow a simple thumb rule and not to go too heavy with small eyes.

The Winged Liner

01 - winged liner
The charm and power of the most loved Winged liner, which is undoubtedly a favourite of all the eyes and faces is already well-known. It involves lining just the upper lid with a winged flick that rises in a slightly upward direction (such as you cannot join it to your lower lid).

The Cat-Eyes

02 - cat-eyed liner

Carry that liner generously on both the lids to spell the magic of that cattish eye for a retro-inspired look. To make it easy, the cat eye is extended in a straight, horizontal line from the outer corner such as you can join the lines of both the lids to give your eyes the shape like that of a cat’s.

The Kitten Eyes

03 - the kitten liner

A tamer, everyday kinda subtle version of the classic cat eye; “kitten eye”. Make a slimline along the upper lashes that gradually ascends a little from the center of the lid with a tiny upward flick at the outer corners for a well-defined look.

Thumbprint Eyeliner


A newbie in the list, this is a fresh way to make your classical winged or a cat-eye liner a little more noticeable 😉 This unapologetically beautiful beauty trick can run to your rescue when you are in a hurry and land up with a cat-eye malfunction. Zero liquid liner is required. Remember this look requires to be slightly messy, so use your finger or a brush, flick wide pulling along the shadow up and outwards creating a rounded curve at the edge as desired. You can also smudge it off for a smokey effect until the result is imperfectly perfect.

Smokey Eyes

05 - smoked liner

Yes, we all need to confess how appealing and seductive those smokey eyes look; because of its luxe yet dishevelled texture. And achieving that perfect one for your face is definitely not an easy task, but trust us, it’s worth all the efforts. Prime and conceal your eyes for an even base, then go along with eyeliner and dark eye-shadow, smudging with eye-shadow brushes to create those perfect smokey eyes, and finally apply some kaajal and mascara for that gorgeous finish.
PS: Don’t mind going overboard and checking some vlogs and videos to achieve that perfect one for your eye shape & size.


This is our second blog in ‘Let the Eyes Talk’ series. There are many more styles that we would like to share, but that would make our blog too lengthy. So, we will come up with another blog with some more styles to share.
For anyone of you who missed the first one check the link below. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about your favourite style 🙂

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