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The Black Blinkers

2018 is all about colourful eye makeup and redefining the eye makeup confines; be it using an eyeliner, a kaajal, an eye-shadow or even a mascara. Even with this wave of evolution, we still see the love for black not going anywhere and it is here to stay forever. Now since we aren’t going to leave that classical black; let’s learn some difference between the most basic ways to wear

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Let the Eyes Talk (Part-1)

As the beauty and fashion industry gets more unorthodox, we find some real crazy doable makeup trends this season. Make alive the artist in you, treat your face as the canvas and create the best masterpiece. Some simple, some bold. Here are a few eye makeup inspirations that are drool-worthy and definitely worth a try. 1. Lift the bottoms-up Yes! you have been playing with the upper lids for ages

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